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The Department of Lost Souls

From the deranged minds of Rob Werner and Tom Misuraca comes a novel 20 years in the making: THE DEPARTMENT OF LOST SOULS! A tale so mind-boggling that Tom and Rob had to write alternate chapters of it without knowing what the other would write next, lest they go mad from writing it all down at once! And now you get to read it! If you read one book about hit men, beat poets, gay circus clowns, and a giant cannoli on wheels this yearโ€“read this one! WARNING: Contains strong language, adult-ish situations, and characters with unfortunate body odors.


If You Read This, You Will Die

After sitting and collecting dust for decades, I've decided to self-publish a collection of my first published short stories. IF YOU READ THIS, YOU WILL DIE rounds up 13 short stories and one poem. Meet animated gelatin molds and inflatable dolls, professional mourners, imaginary friends, cult leaders and the lovely Golden Curls. Fear menacing boxes, the sun, the clock striking, faces and fear itself. Learn how to sell your emotions, live in a graveyard and deal with unruly written words! Be the first on your block to own a piece of my past!